Fix lprng printers sharing, samba-3.0.3pre2

Jianliang Lu at
Mon Apr 19 11:35:51 GMT 2004

> Don't think so, you should put whatever the user choose to put.
> If you install lprng in /usr/local you should be able to set
> /usr/local/etc/printcap and so on.
> Simo.

I think that just to put "printcap name = /etc/printcap" in smb.conf. The 
default value of "printcap name" now is "cups", it's no 
longer "/etc/printcap" like in previous releases. So the reason for it I was 
wrong is to default value. We should change the man page for default value 
of "printcap name".

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy at   luj at

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