Repost: migrate single samba 3.0-alpha21 pdc with ldapsam to samba pdc 3.0.2a with tdbsam?

Eddie Lania eddie at
Sun Apr 18 19:03:11 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I know this list should be used for other questions or coments.
But since no-one has come up with an answer yet I post it here (again) with
a little hope one of the samba-experts is willing to help me out.

Thank you.


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Subject: migrate pdc from samba 3.0-alpha21 with ldapsam to samba pdc 3.0.2a
with tdbsam?

> Hello folks,
> I would like to upgrade my current samba pdc 3.0-alpha21 with ldapsam to a
> samba pdc 3.0.2a with tdbsam.
> This all has te be done using the same, single machine.
> Can this be done?
> I am allready testing a bit but when I copy the secrets.tdb from the old
> samba to the new samba version and start it up, the w.s. I am on is
> me that the domain controller cannot be found and using svrmgr.exe tells
> that the previous primairy domain controller has become a backup domain
> controller.
> Result is that I am no longer able to log on to the domain anymore.
> Is there a way to get arround this?
> My thanks for your help.
> Eddie.

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