a plan for ADS, LDAP and ldb

Roland Bauerschmidt rb at debian.org
Sat Apr 17 08:48:01 GMT 2004

tridge at samba.org wrote:
>  - write a OpenLDAP backend that uses ldb. This fits with all the
>    other backends OpenLDAP has, except this will be a _much_ simpler
>    backend as ldb already uses LDAP syntax, and has indexes etc
>  - a Samba4 ADS DC would internally talk straight to the ldb, but
>    would present the ldb contents to LDAP for remote clients via the
>    OpenLDAP backend

Would that still allow for the combination of Samba and non-Samba
information in the same LDAP directory? I think being able to do that is
a great feature. That way, you can have Samba, mail routing and all
other sort of information in one place. I'm sorry if I got you wrong,
that didn't seem clear to me in your proposal.


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