Hotfix 828741 - Problems

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 16 17:49:13 GMT 2004

   Oh duh, I thought that was a Sun hotfix and tried to look it up (;-))

   On a PC client machine that still has the hotfix applied, could
you do a packet capture?  If you're doing it from the Solaris end,
the command is
	snoop -o failed_hotfix.rfc1761 host name-of-the-pc-client
   It would be nice to also have the same packet capture
after the hotfix is backed out.

   Please tell your Sun support contact that you're seeing this
and to log a bug


Andrew Bird (Sphere Systems) wrote:
> Jeremy
> 	This is one the critical updates MS is shouting about at the moment.
> I know that PC Netlink does not implement 'signorseal' so I've checked that 
> the requiresignorseal reg entry is still off as per XP. Currently we are 
> removing the patch to get back to the point where users can login.
> Thanks
> Andrew
> On Friday 16 April 2004 6:13 pm, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 11:06:39AM +0100, ajb at wrote:
>>>Hi there,
>>>    This may be a little off topic, but I'd like to know if Samba still
>>>works after applying this fix. I have a Sun network with Sunpci clients
>>>running Win2k. They are members of a domain run by Sun's PC Netlink 2.0.
>>>After applying this critical update the clients can no longer either
>>>logon or join the domain. The error is RPC failed. I have tried joining
>>>the client to a true NT domain without problem. I have samba based
>>>machines in 'password = server' mode which continue to server the clients
>>>without fail.
>>I don't know what this hotfix does. Maybe Dave-cb can comment ?

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