Reproducible bug in 3.0.2a ACL support

Jan Koop ceb at
Fri Apr 16 08:03:59 GMT 2004

s_abate at wrote:

>First, sorry my english
>Maybe the problem is the way that Microsoft Office's applications treat the
>files. When you open a file, Word/Excel create a temporary one while you
>work with it, and when you save the file, Word/Excel delete the original one
>and rename the temporary one with the original's name, setting the editing
>user as the owner of the file, also setting the default ACL's.
>In Spanish:
>Tal vez el problema sea la forma en que las aplicaciones Office tratan a los
>archivos. Cuando se abre un archivo, Word/Excel crea un archivo temporario
>mientras se trabaja con el, y cuando se salva el archivo, Word/Excel elimina
>el original y renombra el temporal con el mismo nombre que el anterior,
>seteando como owner del archivo al usuario que lo está modificando, y
>seteando también los ACL por defecto.
>Sebastián Abate
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Well, the behavior Matt stated using Mac OS X and Office is a little 
different. The bug - or let's call it incompatibility - I am able to 
reproduce does not touch the effective rights mask, all it does it put 
the original owner on the ACL, take the ownership of the file and NOT 
set the write bit (to put it in windows-speak: "mark the file write 
protected" ).

Sebastian, I thought of it too, that it might be related to that crazy 
way word / excel handles open files, but the thing that puzzles me is: 
if the file is deleted and newly created, why is the former owner placed 
on the ACL?

Since it is a file and not a directory, there is no default ACL, 
although there is a default ACL on the directory we're working in, I 
will look further in that direction, maybe it's related to the default 
ACL on the working dir.

I hope it was OK to post this into samba-technical, but I am convinced 
that this is not a user problem, and this is the right list for that. 
And BTW sorry for the annoying double-post.


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