Confused .....

Ken Stone ken at
Thu Apr 15 23:07:53 GMT 2004

Ok ... So I pulled down subversion and built it and have been trying to 
figure out how to pull down current samba bits with it for 3 days now :-) ....

The issues are as follows ....

* Inside HP, of course I am behind a firewall ... must use socks or 
  some form of proxy for outside access.

* Subversion is a real PITA as far as trying to build with socks 

* appears to only take svn:// URLs and does not appear
  to support http:// URLs using webDAV which can be proxy'd ...

I can't be alone here in trying to pull over this stuff .... Been doing the
cvs updates for years to get current bits ... 

Thoughts ?

  -- Ken

> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 10:14:22AM -0700, Ken Stone wrote:
> > I can blow away source/ ... run "cvs update" for tag SAMBA_3_0
> We switched to subversion a week ago....
> Volker

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