Dial-in login under 3.0.3pre2

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 15 12:57:01 GMT 2004

>2. The same user/password combination is used for network access to files
>inside same domain (with the same domain controller) and it works.
>3. During the RAS authentication we got that the user do not have dial-in
>rights. I guess that user/password is recognised properly (otherwise I 
>expect another type of message).
Ok, have you looked in the event viewer?  I'm guessing there is a way to 
get these kinds of errors logged there.  Sorry to have you poking around 
this much, but I don't have a dialin setup to test it on.

>As we are using NT4.0 remote access manager I could not exactly allocate 
>point of denial. It is a little bit strange that NT4.0 usermgr.exe shows 
>domain users Ok, but remote access manager list shows only partial user 
>(I have no clue what is criteria for that).
Yes, so can you try this for me?

Just startup samba (debug level 10, but you must first remove the limit on 
the log size, because your logs are very short), then bring up RAS Manager 
until you get this partial list of users.  Don't do anything else but 
this, and send me the logs.  Otherwise I have to do a lot of guessing.

Another helpful piece of info would be if you could get a sniffer trace 
(tcpdump or ethereal preferred) of this same situation.

If you still have 3.0.2a setup, please try the same thing there and send 
me those logs and traces as well. 

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