Fix lprng printers sharing, samba-3.0.3pre2

Jianliang Lu at
Thu Apr 15 10:39:57 GMT 2004

This fix will solve the printers sharing problem for lprng printing type. The 
PRINTCAP_NAME in include is "cups", but we should change it if we are not 
using cups!


--- param/loadparm.c.orig   Fri Apr  9 08:55:56 2004
+++ param/loadparm.c    Thu Apr 15 11:34:04 2004
@@ -1209,6 +1209,7 @@
                   "lpc hold '%p' %j");
                   "lpc release '%p' %j");
+            string_set(&Globals.szPrintcapname, "/etc/printcap");

        case PRINT_CUPS:

Jianliang Lu
TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy at   luj at

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