PATCH : Fix timeout handling on connect

wim delvaux wim.delvaux at
Sat Apr 10 17:55:32 GMT 2004

This patch fixed two things

1. improves (corrects) timeout handling in open_socket_out.

	The loop that is implemented there basicall waits MUCH too long
	It forgets about the time that it alread has waited and restarts again
	So instead of waiting the specified timeout it waits for the SUM of the
	timeouts of all loops which is MUCH and MUCH longer than the timeout

2. added timeout=xxx option to the smbmount command

	This option (like nfs) allows you to set the timeout so the smbmount returns
	faster when a server is not responsive.

	Since the smbmount retries to connect to many ports the timeout is
	reused for each new try

These patches fix a problem of seemingly hanging mounts in KDE  and with 
automounter.  Please apply.

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