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<I> > With both VNC and RDP built into KDE 3.x I don\'t <
> see the point of this app. < </i>

See the abstract of my NX-talk at Linux-Kongress 2003 to get a first idea about all NX benefits over plain vanilla X: <A HREF=\"\"></a> 

The main point is that it implements an extremely efficient compression, making your remote X connection much more responsive. You can even work over a modem link with a \"user experience\" very close to working locally. 

You can share local and remote file resources via Samba (SMB tunnelled through the existiong NX connection channel).

Or, you can cram 200 user sessions into a 10MBit/sec non-switched LAN instead of requiring a 100MBit/sec switched wiring.... 

Moreover, it speeds up RDP- and VNC- sessions to the tune of 2- to 10-fold increase.

It gives a new lifeline to the \"old\", \"legacy\" X technology, by many seen as a dead-end nowadays. It provides the vision for an entirely new way of doing network computing, with a rich peer-to-peer accessing of GUI applications across the internet. My NX server is at home, but my applications and my Desktop environment will always be with me. All I need is a Knoppix-CD including an NX-Client in my pocket...

The best thing last: the core technology is Open Source\'d and the license is GPL. You can use it for free (as in beer) if you want to run it on the commandline. Just use the package \"nx-scripts\" to see how it works. (You can buy a commercial license to get a nice and effective GUI to make it much more comfortable).

<I> > Am I missing something here? < </i>

Yes, you are.

KDE is building that technology right into its own heart for the \"next generation KDE\". You will then get a GUI for free. And it will speed up the existing VNC/RDP connectivity app 2- to 10-fold (provided the \"other end\" is also NX-enabled). 


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