compiling problem on samba-3.0.3pre2

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Tue Apr 6 18:39:06 GMT 2004

I went and looked at my, derived from one that was checked
out from with "-rrelease-3-0-1", and saw that the first
call to AC_CHECK_HEADERS is in a Darwin case. Below that, there is a
large block of headers that are checked unconditionally.

By moving "AC_CHECK_HEADERS(langinfo.h locale.h)" from the bottom of
the large block of calls to be the seventh line in, the
uid problem I used to have was solved. "uid_t" and gid_t were #undef
and commented out in include/config.h after I ran configure.

Perhaps someone can choose a better set of files to do the first
AC_CHECK_HEADERS on, choose a better place to put that first call, and
submit a patch to the latest This needs to be tested on
a number of platforms, including (especially) Darwin.

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Jianliang Lu [ at]  asked:
> The include/config.h created in Samba-3.0.3pre2 has defined gid_t and
> to "int", so the typedef in sys/types.h for gid_t and uid_t, which is 
> included bu include.h,  will produce a lot of warning as following:

I hit the same problem. The version of configure automatically generated for
the build_farm is from autoconf 2.53.  Apparently, this version of autoconf
compiles extra code the first time the AC_CHECK_HEADERS macro is used. (I am
basing this remark on the recent email from Andrew Esh, not from any tests I
have run).  Starting with version 1.300.2.191 of (in
samba_3_0), the Darwin changes moved the first reference to this macro from
a place that is always executed by configure, to inside of an if-then-else
clause that is only executed for Darwin.

The result is that a whole bunch of HAVE_XXX_H macros never get defined.
The most serious one is HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H, but there are 9 in total.

Try commenting out the Darwin changes around line 583 of
While I haven't had a chance to test this, if I'm right, this should solve
the problem for other Oses.  (It will mess up Darwin builds, of course).

If this theory is correct, we will also have to upgrade the version of
autoconf that is used on

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