Password change and LDAP

Pierre Filippone pierre.filippone at
Tue Apr 6 08:49:45 GMT 2004


we use LDAP as passdb backend in the classic way: PDC using the LDAP 
master,  BDC using the LDAP slave.

We now face the problem, that after a password change the user gets an 
"invalid credentials" message which is caused
by the replication delay. I think this is a known issue. 

I've read in the archive, that it might be possible to insert a small 
delay somewhere in the code, i.e. 1 or 2 seconds, after user
password change to avoid this error message. I know this should not be the 
final solution, but has anybody already implemented this ?

I looked into the code, but can't find the right place to insert the 

Thanks for your help.

Pierre Filippone

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