Hardcoded -lcrypto on wbinfo ?

Ken Stone ken at sdd.hp.com
Mon Apr 5 21:37:07 GMT 2004

Looks like in one of the recent patches (mid to late March), Makefile.in
in the source top level directory had a change to the target line
for wbinfo to look like 

bin/wbinfo at EXEEXT@: $(WBINFO_OBJ) @BUILD_POPT@ bin/.dummy
        @echo Linking $@
        @$(LINK) -o $@ $(WBINFO_OBJ) $(LIBS) @POPTLIBS@ -lcrypto

And that -lcrypto makes it hard to link on a system like HP-UX that
has no crypto library :-) .... Current cvs code builds and runs fine 
if I just delete the -lcrypto from the Makefile


  -- Ken

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