libsmbclient, i18n

Sorin Manolache sormaNOSPAM at
Tue Sep 30 18:51:09 GMT 2003


I'm developing an application which uses libsmbclient. It works fine if I
do not use "special" characters, in my case Swedish ones (å, ö, ä).

If my smb URI contains 'ö' (0xf6) for example, then the same 'ö' (0xf6)
appears on the server side (I've looked in log.smbd) and it works as long
as there is a Unix smbd server on the server side. However, smbc_open
fails if the remote machine runs Windows.

How can I make it work? Do I have to convert the smb URI somehow (how?)
before I pass it smbc_open or do I have to configure libsmbclient somehow
(how?) such that it performs the translation for me or do I have to
recompile samba/libsmbclient with additional options (which?) ?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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