Samba 3 Beta2 -> RC4 behaviour changed ?

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu Sep 25 12:07:57 GMT 2003

gary ng wrote:

> Hi,
> A few days ago, I have setup a Samba 3(beta 2) PDC
> using LDAP as the backend. In that package, pdbedit
> and smbpasswd would create the necessary entries in
> LDAP if the user is not found. Today, I have installed
> RC4 and found that the behaviour changed. The user
> must be present in the database( before smbpasswd or
> pdbedit -a would like to create the samba related info
> into it. Is this intentional ? The related log is :

test with the 3.0.0 just released today...
some things as been changed/fixed... like the "net" tool.

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