libsmbclient... is there a test program? seems not to work

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Wed Sep 24 15:37:03 GMT 2003

Stephan Kulow <coolo at> writes:

>> Is there a test program for libsmbclient?  Does anything or anyone use
>> libsmbclient?

> It's very well hidden in samba/examples/libsmbclient

Thank you.  That helped.  What I found is that my samba server on the local
machine, used ONLY for vmware virtual machines' access to the local Linux file
system, was responding to the query.  Since it is looking only at one (local
to this machine) network interface, it didn't know about anything else on the
network.  This is an interesting quandary...  I want that samba server there so
that I can access my file system from windows under vmware, but I do not want
samba responding to any requests coming from outside of this machine, nor to
any requests from the Linux side on this machine.  I'd like to configure samba
to respond to requests from only one IP address (in my case, the IP address of
the windows virtual machine), rather than to requests on an entire
interface... or disallow the client from querying on the local interface.
That would allow me to access the local Linux file system from windows, but
not have that samba server respond to broadcast queries from a samba client
running on the local machine under Linux.  Is that possible?

> KDE's smb "slave" uses libsmbclient and while there are bugs, it works.

Any idea where I might find a list of known bugs?



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