Good location for *.msg files for swat i18n?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Mon Sep 22 07:12:22 GMT 2003

Tim Potter wrote:
>I was wondering what the correct place to store these
>guys is.  I suggest $prefix/lib/msg.

I think that's good.

>The translation files are also slightly out of date.  They don't
>contain the text for the wizard menu for example.

As I reported BUG#413 <>
and samba-technical ML
there are some problems around SWAT i18n.

 1) and 2) will be fixed for the patch attached at BUG#412
 4) is fixed at BUG#456
 5) is posted by me at samba-docs

To fix 3) needs a large but simple (not to touch functional codes)
patch. As I said, I want to create a patch for this.

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