Weird message in syslog when starting up SMBD and NMBD

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Mon Sep 22 02:18:33 GMT 2003

Hi John,

	From the man page of inetd,
           service/protocol: Unknown service

                The call to the library routine getservbyname (see
                getservent(3N)) failed.  The service is not listed in

                Next step: Include that service in /etc/services or
                eliminate the entry for the service in /etc/inetd.conf.

	You need to add the following to /etc/services:
netbios_ssn  139/tcp                 # NetBIOS Session Service
netbios_ns   137/udp                 #

	Do check if you need smbd/nmbd to run under inetd. I ran smbd and nmbd in daemon mode so a entry is not required under /etc/inetd.conf.

	Hope this helps. :)


On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 03:43:55PM +0000, John Tatum wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I have a question that will more than likely be a simple one to answer. 
> When I start up SMBD and NMBD on my HP 10.2 server
> I get the following information showing up in my /var/adm/syslog file:
>    inetd[505]:   netbios-ssn/tcp:    Unknown service
>    inetd[505]:   netbios-ns/udp:    Unknown service
>    inetd[505]:  Configuration complete
> Samba comes up ok and we are able to map drives however, this error 
> confuses me a little.
> Thanks

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