[PATCH] bad password lock

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Thu Sep 18 16:37:17 GMT 2003

José Luis Tallón wrote:
> Hmmmm, IANA Member of Samba Team, but shouldn't "lockout time" be a 
> *global* setting?
> Therefore, it must be stored along with the rest of the account 
> policies, and not with each SAM entry.

It seems that I was not clear.

To implement lockout duration functionnality, we must store 2 type of 

1 - lockout duration, which is part of account policy, which is global
2 - lockout time, which is the time the user account was locked out. In 
order to be able to unlock the account after the lockout duration time 
has elapsed. This information is specific to *each* user.

Aurélien Degrémont

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