Samba-3.0.0 RC's and transitive trusts

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Sep 18 16:17:27 GMT 2003

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Jason Haar wrote:
| I'm running 3.0.0-rc4 under "security = ADS" (with
| a successful "net join"/etc), and it's working
| OK as a "normal" SMB server. However, it
| appears that winbindd can only successfully
| communicate with the NT4 domains which our AD domain
| has direct trust relationships with. Our domain is
| "" (also called "sub1"), and there's
| a "" AD domain too. However if I do
| "getent passwd sub2+user", it just returns an exit
| status 2. If I do "getent passwd sub1+user" or
| "getent passwd nt4+user" they work fine.
| All the domains (both NT4 and AD) show up when
| I run "wbinfo -m".
| winbindd shows the following when one of the
| AD subdoms is queried:
| accepted socket 20
| [12866]: request interface version
| [12866]: request location of privileged pipe
| accepted socket 22
| read failed on sock 20, pid 12866: EOF
| [12866]: getpwnam sub2+user
| user 'user' does not exist
| read failed on sock 22, pid 12866: EOF
| When I do "getent passwd nt4+user", winbindd (debug 9)
| shows tonnes of lines of output and gives the
| correct result.
| WINBINDD_DOMAIN is not set...

Can you describe you domain structure a little more.  I'm a
little unclear on what is not working.

cheers, jerry
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