[PATCH] bad password lock

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Thu Sep 18 14:31:00 GMT 2003

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> The main problem with this patch is the change to the DB format string -
> you break every TDBsam installation out there.


Thanks to Richard, we have (nearly sure) found out where and how 
informations concerning 'logon count' field,'bad pwd count' field and 
'lockout duration' implementation are.

But, to implement all of this, we need to store the bad pwd count and a 
lockout time. Bad pwd count is included in the unknown5 field of SAM 
ACOOUNT struct, so that's ok. But, the lockout time is not available in 
it, in any of the unknown fields of this structure. So, how store it if 
we cannot modify the structure length (I understand why we must not)


Aurélien Degrémont

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