[PATCH] LDAP_EXOP charset fix

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Thu Sep 18 05:44:19 GMT 2003

>> No, this is a bug in pam_ldap then.  We should never send data to LDAP
>> that is not utf8.  What makes the 'unix charset' of *this* machine
>> special anyway?  Nobody is saying that it is the same as the charset of
>> any other machine, nor that 'unix charset' is the localle charset.
>I would like to see the password in unicode too, but simply not a single
>ldap client works this way! I've checked this with a lot of tools:

I'm afraid Andrew is right, at least as far as LDAPv3 is concerned.

Feel free to submit a patch to pam_ldap, as charset handling is not my

-- Luke

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