[Samba] Re: logon hours

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Sep 17 23:07:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, David Barth wrote:

> John,
> Do you need documentation for the future "logon hours patch" or for the
> smbldap-tools ?
> Jerome and Romeo can arrange to give you some docs before friday evening
> (EST) : can you give us a template or point to a reference in cvs of
> what kind of docs your waiting for ?

Yes, I will need this before Friday if it is to make it into the HOWTO
Collection and into the Book version that will go to the printer on

I need updates to the XML files that are in the Samba-3.0.0 CVS tree, but
I am happy to take plain text info that I can insert myself.

- John T.
John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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