sam replication

José Luis Tallón jltallon at
Wed Sep 17 22:40:33 GMT 2003

At 08:30 18/09/2003 +1000, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > >You are going to need to create UID (posixAccount) entries for all your
> > >machines anyway,
> >
> > well, you( the Samba Team ) made it possible to have NUA machine accounts,
> > so that's what i used
>NUA accounts never existed in a production release, which is why we have
>exercised our right to say 'bad idea' and remove that feature.  When we
>truly achieve POSIX-independece (Samba 4 stuff), they might again


>However, as we move forward, it is clear that we will need to assign a
>Unix UID to every machine, as it is possible for machines to conduct
>operations on a Samba server.  (Both via schannel authentication, and
>via kerberos logins in the future).

Which means that i will need to add posixAccounts for the machines if i 
want to be able to update to a newer release, or so it seems.
Then, the NUA machine add operation was just an artifact of a beta version.

Thanks for the clarification.

>Andrew Bartlett


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