[PATCH] bad password lock

Aurélien Degrémont adegremont at idealx.com
Tue Sep 16 13:20:00 GMT 2003

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> The main problem with this patch is the change to the DB format string -
> you break every TDBsam installation out there.

Yes, i know this breaks the compatibility with all existing tdbsam bases.
We try to find out the correct place for theses informations but it's 
not easy.
We think that the unknown5 field contains theses informations, according 
to ethereal. But it's difficult to work with this field due to all of 
its occurences in samba code. No documentations are available for it.
Could we have more details about this field and the structures ?

> The other problem is that it's racy - we don't atomicly update the
> counter.  That's hard, given the current model, but newer LDAP servers
> apparently have support for a 'increment this value' control.

But for the other backends ?
Moreover, this will force users to use the newest versions of LDAP ?
Obviously it's a problem, but the possibilities that a user try to log 
on many times on at the same moment is rare :).

The patch corrects too a small mistakes in pdb_xml.c
-> s/login/logon/

Aurélien Degrémont

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