smb mount version

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Sep 13 00:34:01 GMT 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Ronan Waide wrote:

> Since smbmnt builds without KERNEL defined, it's always going to hit
> the top of that loop rather than the bottom. Like I said, I'm not even
> sure that this is a bug or what effect it has; I just happened to
> notice it while digging for something else. Comments?

No, smbmnt only uses SMB_MOUNT_VERSION for the old binary mount-data
struct. Since samba 2.2.0 or something like that it prefers to send the
mount options as an ascii string if on a 2.4+ kernel.

See the usage of SMB_MOUNT_ASCII and the code with the kernel version 
check in smbmnt.


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