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Richard Renard rrenard at
Fri Sep 12 14:39:54 GMT 2003


Here at Idealx, we would like to implement the replication system
between samba 3 and NT in the 2 cases
- NT4 PDC and Samba 3 BDC
- Samba 3 PDC and NT4 BDC

and i have a few questions:

what i know for now is, with the help of ethereal:

case NT4 PDC
when a modification is done in the sam database the PDC sends a message
to all the BDCs, message sent on port 138/udp.
when receiving this message, all BDCs connects to the PDC and retrieves
but with samba this message seems to be simply ignored. so i'm looking
for a way to tell nmbd, which certainly receive the message, to start
the process of getting the deltas.

Dump between NT4 PDC and NT4 BDC:

[NETLOGON] udp PDC:138 -> BDC:138 Announce Change to UAS or SAM

[SMB]           NT Create AndX Request path:\NETLOGON
[DCERPC]        Bind: call_id:0, UUID: RPC_NETLOGON
[RPC_NETLOGON]  DatabaseDeltas Request
[SMB]           Read AndX Request

case Samba PDC
here what is needed is a way to tell [n|s]mbd to send the message
telling that the database has changed so BDCs can connect and retrieve


About the unknown_5 field in INFO_21, ethereal says that it is in fact 2
16bits fields:

if saw that there is an unknown_5 field in info_21(uint32),
info_23(uint32) and info_11(uint16) and unknown_info_2_inf(uint32)

do all these fields refers to the same thing ?

thanks in advance for your answers, questions or comments 

Richard Renard <rrenard at>

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