Confusing number of workgroup options in net rpc

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed Sep 10 12:13:56 GMT 2003

>Why are there so many ways to specify the workgroup value in net?  There
>is --workgroup/-w, --myworkgroup/-W in net.c as well as the default one
>from popt_common.c that handily combines --workgroup and -W.
Hmm, seems like if popt_common.c combines those two , we must swap the
short ones for net.

>I would like to see only one workgroup option that can be used to
>override the value in smb.conf  Is there any good reason for the other
>two?  Most of the net code uses opt_target_workgroup (--workgroup) and
>other bits use opt_workgroup (--myworkgroup).
The reason for two different options is that you may be authenticating
using a userid from one workgroup, but running a command against another

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