RC2: Cannot join domain

José Luis Tallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Wed Sep 10 10:21:33 GMT 2003

We've been working with Samba for the last years. Most ( if not all ) of it 
has worked as documented. Stability is much better than M$ Windows' and it 
is roughly an order of magnitude better on the same hardware ( you can add 
this to you customer quotes, Jerry ;)  )

We have recently upgraded to RC2 from beta2, and we found this behaviour: 
while the "File Server" functions work perfectly well ( as always ), we 
have lost the ability to join machines to the domain, which get rejected 
with "username not found" message. Using LDAP backend.

We did a quite big test yesterday, were we joined 32 machines to the 
domain, and we only succeeded using smbpasswd backend

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