[PATCH] Server support for DsEnumerateTrustedDomains

Anthony Liguori aliguori at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 4 19:54:32 GMT 2003

This patch adds support for the Netlogon DsEnumerateTrustedDomains RPC
call.  Right now, this call always returns 0 trusted domains to be
consistent with NetTrustedDomainList (which is what clients fall back to
if DsEnumerateTrustedDomains fails).

This is probably not very useful but it may be helpful for an AD-style
logon to a Samba DC.

BTW: Does anyone know why NetTrustedDomainList is so weird?  Our
implementation always returns a single domain "test_domain" but then in
the api_net_XX function has an #if 0 block that ignored what the
function returns and puts in a bunch of integers.  I presume there's
some history here...

Anthony Liguori
Linux/Active Directory Interoperability
Linux Technology Center (LTC) - IBM Austin
E-mail: aliguor at us.ibm.com
Phone: (512) 838-1208
Tie Line: 678-1208
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