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Lemuria Anonymous Remailer mix at
Tue Sep 2 17:15:56 GMT 2003

This message is being sent to you automatically in response to an email
that you sent to <mix at>.
If you did not send such an email, please ignore this message.

This remailer is a free service that allows individuals including crime
victims, domestic violence victims, persons in recovery, and others,
such as those living under oppressive regimes, to communicate
confidentially in a manner that ensures their privacy under even the
most adverse conditions.

To obtain information on how you can use this service, please send an
email with subject "remailer-help" to <mix at>.

Should you have received an unwelcome message through this service or to
report problems with this service, please contact the Administrator at
<abuse at>.

Thank you for your interest in secure and private communications,

-- The Lemuria Administrator

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