trust domain down cause winbind not work

Lin Li linl at
Fri Oct 31 18:55:12 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote: 

> | It's doing ads_try_connect and it do time out. The first time I had 
> this
> | test it times out after about 20 minutes. Today I tested it again 
> and it
> | times out after about 3 minutes. I did a package syncronize with debian
> | testing yesterday. I will do more testing.
> |
> | Do you know where is the time out set?
> There's a couple of timeouts.   One if where we cache the
> name DC's from failed connection attempts.  Entries in
> that expire after 30 seconds.  Look in libsmb/conncache.c.
> Other things you are seeing is a retry loop that tries up
> to 3 times to connect.  You could set that to a lower value.
> I'll try to look at this some more but it will take some
> thought.  Would you file a bug for me at
>  Thanks.

I have logged a bug(#704). The problem is we use ldap_open() in 
ads_try_connect() which takes 3 minutes to return. See my comments in 
the bugzilla.

There is another problem. When you logged in a samba cleint using a 
domain user and the domain controller or network is down, your system 
will frozen for about 20 minutes. In the log file it shows in 
libads/ldap.c:ads_do_paged_search(), ldap_search_ext_s() takes about 16 
minutes to return and ads_try_connect() takes about 3 minutes. It seems 
the ldap_search_ext_s() call in ads_do_paged_search() passed a NULL 
struct of timeval for timeout. Do you think set it to 30 seconds is 

I just tested these with ADS. I will try NT4 domain when I have time.


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