tdb_lock failed

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at
Thu Oct 30 18:06:32 GMT 2003

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> writes:

> On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 03:03, Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:

>> ... the fact that fifty threads were sitting on the lock on the
>> cluster server seems merely to have been a symptom that the
>> password server was not answering their responses quickly enough.

> So, did you try and run winbind on these member servers, as
> suggested?  One of [its] roles in life is to fix *this exact* issue.

I have not yet tried running it, because it is not clear to me how to
convince samba to defer calling its own authentication functions and
perform its authentication through winbindd instead.  Were it not for
this forum I would not even have understood this *was* was of its
functions, as its man page seems to speak of its use only as part of
authenticating a Unix login.

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