tdb_lock failed

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at
Wed Oct 29 19:32:03 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra <jht at> writes:

> If you do not require more than a single DC (I would suspect you
> will with 20,000 users) then there is no reason to avoid tdbsam. In
> fact, from my performance tests (qualitative only) tdbsam is much
> faster with only 4,000 entries.

Our discussions reached the same conclusion: the ability to propagate
to multiple servers made it worth it to go ahead with ldap.  Good to
know that there is not a limit to the tdb format, though, that causes
it to behave terribly when the number of entries gets large.

I would suggest the documentation be clarified on this point, and in
fact would be happy to update it myself, but have not yet gotten
around to determining how one contributes.

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