Strategy for mapping the neighborhood

David Wuertele dave-gnus at
Wed Oct 29 19:20:55 GMT 2003

I need to add a map of the complete "Network Neighborhood" to my
application.  Ideally, that map would include a list of all the shares
accessible by guest on every SMB server in a scope defined by every
workgroup in use on the subnet.  The scope could go beyond the subnet
if workgroups in use on the subnet have a scope that is larger than
the subnet.

Here is how I am planning on running the discovery process:

   a.  Find all local master browsers.  there is one for each M/H/P
       group on the subnet.  They will identify all service names
       registered by M/H/P nodes.  Will there be any B nodes listed

   b.  Find the NBNS via DHCP.

   c.  Resolve all service names discovered in (a) by the NBNS found
       in (b).

   d.  Find all B nodes on the subnet and discover their service

   e.  For any service names not resolved in (c), attempt to resolve
       on the subnet via broadcast

   f.  ask each workstation service name resolved in (c)+(d)+(e) for
       its list of shares

   g.  for each share found in (e) discover whether guest access is

I'm assuming that some or all B nodes aren't registered by the local
master browsers.

How does this strategy look?  Any suggestions?


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