Exact UNIX uid - UNIX uid mappings with winbind ??

Przemyslaw Tokarski przemek at zpk.u.lodz.pl
Wed Oct 29 14:30:55 GMT 2003

Hello list !!

 I`d like to know whether it is possible to patch winbind in a way that it
will map uids (and gids) of users on the Samba serwer to their uids (and
gids) on the client exactly. The goal is to have users with exactly the same
uids (and gids) on the serwer as well as on the client just by the use of
winbind and samba. This just seems to be an essential feature if one wants to
implement the following setup: Samba PDC server, workstations running winbind
(to get user and group list from the Samba PDC), home directories mounted off
the Samba PDC, GNOME or KDE as the desktop environment on the workstations -
these GUI`s use filesystem features that smbmounted home directories lack
unless one turns on 'unix extensions' in the 'smb.conf' file, but then we
will run into uids (and gids) being different on the serwer and client
problem (users on the client simply do not own their home directories),
because winbind does the mappings at random. 

Best regards

Przemyslaw Tokarski
Lodz, Poland

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