password policy on samba 3.0

lu at
Mon Oct 27 15:00:30 GMT 2003

Now Redhat has released their Enterprise Linux 3.0 (TAROON) that include the
newer Samba 3.0, that doesn't have the password policy implemented. Who is
using Enterprise Linux and Samba alpha2x with my password policy patch need
to upgrade to TAROON and the Samba 3.0 with Password policy patch. I know
that you are working  on "password lock" on 3.0 rc4 and I'd like to know
how's going your work. I would patch again the 3.0 with the password policy
(more complete than password lockout, it should include also password age,
password history, password must change time etc), but before starting the
work I will know if someone has just made similar work.
I think that if the password patch will not accepted by the Samba team, it
will be difficult to users to upgrade their system every time a new release
I'm also aware that Samba team put the patch in the official branch only if
they think it is very very mature, but we cannot wait for years...

Best regards,
Jianliang Lu

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