Samba on NetBSD failing to build on the buildfarm

Brian Poole raj at
Mon Oct 27 05:27:37 GMT 2003

This may well be due to the system being recompiled at the same
time as the Samba build process runs. I believe I have seen 
similar problems from my OpenBSD machine but it is simply an 
intermittent failure and will work on the next go round. As I 
don't see this failure on the build farm currently, I am guessing
it is also an intermittent problem for that machine.

If the system is being rebuilt it is very possible for some headers,
especially those headers, to disappear for a moment (the headers 
are rm'ed & reinstalled.)


Quoting Richard Sharpe (rsharpe at from 24 October 2003:
> Hi,
> Is anyone familiar with errors like this? Is it simply that a correct 
> build environment has not been set up on the build-farm?
> configure:21581: checking for fcntl locking
> configure:21596: cc -o conftest -O    conftest.c -lresolv  >&5
> In file included from tests/fcntl_lock.c:4,
>                  from configure:21591:
> /usr/include/unistd.h:38: sys/cdefs.h: No such file or directory

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