how flexible is domain authentication?

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at
Sun Oct 26 19:50:31 GMT 2003

Brandon Craig Rhodes <brandon at> writes:

> This sounds almost exactly like what we need; say, a configuration
> file option "rewrite user domain = CAMPUS_AUTH" that causes all users
> trying to authenticate to appear to be in the foreign "CAMPUS_AUTH"
> domain, rather than in the local domain of the group-level server.
> ... Where in the code is the process you outlined above - where an
> unrecognized client domain is rewritten - undertaken?

Update: on a whim I searched the source tree for "unknown domain" and
was whisked directly to the make_user_info_map() function which seems
precisely the function I want to modify.  I am going to try to add the
above-described feature and may post a patch as early as tonight if it
works, so others caught in our situation might find a way out.

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