NT Domain authentication.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sun Oct 26 03:19:23 GMT 2003


Exactly the info I needed.  Thanks!

Chris -)-----

> > Question is:  Once the user has authenticated against the DC, does the
> >               client OS keep track of some token or other in order to
> >               simplify logons to domain member servers?
> No token is stored, and NTLM authentication works in almost the same way
> it would had the 'domain logon' not happened, and just uses the cached
> username/password.
> Indeed MS got 'bitten' at one point by the fact that the location that
> the cleartext username/pw were stored was accessible by normal programs
> in Win9X...  (Naturally, this isn't an issue in a real OS like NT)
> Andrew Bartlett

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