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Fri Oct 24 19:52:19 GMT 2003

> Linux migration document.
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> Hi all,
> 	If you're looking at a Windows server to Linux & Samba migration
> (and let's face it, who isn't nowadays :-), the EU (god bless their little
> cotton socks :-) has published a wonderful migration how-to document here :
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.

Hi, Jeremy,
hi, all,

I saw your posting regarding this document only today.

While we are at it, please also take a look at the "Migration Guide",
published by the German Ministery of the Interior. This originally was
published in German only. What is hardly known is that this document now
has an English translation. I never read a news item about in on one of the
relevant forums, like Slashdot or LinuxToday.

Maybo someone with "connections" may be ablt to place a news item?

I think that document is even more thorough than the EU one: while it
also evaluates a "Continuing Migration" path, going from WinNT to 2K/XP,
it gives big room to a "Replacing Migration", going from NT to

(Yes -- despite of its strange name this *is* the English translation
of the Migration Guide. Oh, and even if the PDF is saying it was produced
from MS Windows with the help of PDFmaker -- be assured that the original
document was written with the help of vlendec should be
able to confirm this, since he is also one of the authors... )        ;-)

Have a look at that one too, please, and spread the Gospel that it will
soon be available as a book (in German). If there is demand from other
countries, I would imagine that the English translation would also hit
the bookstores some time soon.

A personal comment: I had a quick look at the EU migration document
2 days ago. I think it is very useful, but less than it could be, because
it is very much biased towards RedHat/Ximian/GNOME and, unfortunately
largely ignores SuSE/Mandrake/KDE.....


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