Migrating from Samba 2.2.8A PDC -> Samba 3.0 PDC

Yashpal Nagar yash at linux-delhi.org
Thu Oct 23 10:26:17 GMT 2003

> The solution to long profile load times is NOT to disable roaming
> profiles. You realise, of course, that by disabling roaming profiles
> critical user data will end up being stored on the workstation where it
> will not be backed up!

Thanks John,

Samba 3.0.0 doc.pdf is really comprehensive.

Here let me speak about my network items, i have total more than 50 clients
with combination of
windows98, windows2000 and windows me & xp as the OS. I have network
printers too.
We have hub and switches both in our network. Some m/cs are of good
processor & RAM , while some are slow.
Presently i don't have any domain controller. Should i go to install samba
3.0.0. Is it stable enough for taking so much load of variable OS'es &

Can i do something like that user get authenticated from PDC linux box, and
user can also change his smb passwd by some tool, and My document gets only
stored to server. Rest profile is stored on local m/c. That we can take


> >
> > When i tried to disable the profile logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
problem i
> > faced that user complain that there desktop settings , background etc
> > lost.
> Of course!
> > Can someone suggest me that Profiles etc remain on the local m/c itself,
> > without lossing any settings even after reboot , and authentication +
> > respective home dir mapped to clients.
> See above comments. Read the documentation. If it is not clear, or you can
> not understand it, tell me. I want to make certain that the documentation
> is useful and helpful. Please tell me what problems you have that are not
> sufficiently addressed in the documentation so I can fix it.
> > Please help!!
> You can get control of your windows network environment only by using
> policies to control what users can do on their deaktops, and by using
> appropriate profile configurations. MS Windows does NOT do that
> automatically in any network configuration - you need to be proactive
> about it.
> >
> > Warm regards,
> > -Yash
> >

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