[Samba] Linux migration document.

Arturo Busleiman arturo.busleiman at intraredes.com
Wed Oct 22 19:28:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> > I work for the argentinian official SuSE partner and recently we've
> > developed a set of tools to migrate a Novell 4.11 NDS server and Windows
> > NT 4 (that was what the client had, anyway) to a Samba LDAP PDC.
> > As soon as I'm authorized, I will publish the src and docs somewhere.
> That would be wonderful news ! I'm looking forward to reading it, thanks,

Well, We've used samba-2.2.5 for that as that's the version SLES8 ships
with, but we will start samba3 testing and development any day now.

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