Printer driver upload - Samba 3.0.1pre1

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Mon Oct 20 14:44:08 GMT 2003

> |    I did a refresh on client and restart services on Samba server quite
> | a few times, because I did not wish to look like an ass, and only after
> | downgrading to Samba 3.0.0-2, was I able to get the "Printers and 
> Faxes"
> | Folder, so I am not sure what else might have caused this problem.
> Well since I have such a _high_ opinion of the Windows
> spooler... ;-) 

    Don't worry, my rep for bashing Windows because we paid so much for 
it, well ... I am sure you understand.


P.S. Just to try and give you guys thanks, Samba 3 with RawHide really 
seems to rock.  Thanks Samba Team!!!!

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