Printer driver upload - Samba 3.0.1pre1

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Mon Oct 20 13:50:43 GMT 2003

> |    Modify smb.conf and put in "log level = 10", stop all services,
> | delete all logs, and restart all services. I did a quick run with Samba
> | 3.0.0-2, stop all services, tarred the log directory, cleaned it out,
> | then upgraded to Samba 3.0.1pre1, made sure than the log directory was
> | clean, started all services, did a quick run, and found the "Pritners
> | and Faxes".  Throught I was going nuts.  Stop all services, tarred the
> | log directory, clean then out, removed the "log level = 10" and started
> | all services and ran again, this time did not find "Pritners and Faxes"
> | ( not going nuts ), waited a few minutes and tried again, this time I
> | was able to find "Pritners and Faxes".  So it might a warm up period
> | that is a litle longer in 3.0.1pre1 than in 3.0.0, but then I am no 
> Guru.
> No.  I recognize this.  It is actually a client issue. The
> existence of the "Printers and Faxes" folder depends on an
> OpenPrinter("server)" call.   When the client has an open
> printer handle on the server that suddently goes invalid
> (from restarting smbd).  Then the client will have to
> reopen the handle.  The problem is that it doesn't always
> do this immediately.  There's no bug here if that is all you
> were seeing. 

    I did a refresh on client and restart services on Samba server quite 
a few times, because I did not wish to look like an ass, and only after 
downgrading to Samba 3.0.0-2, was I able to get the "Printers and Faxes" 
Folder, so I am not sure what else might have caused this problem.

    Anyway, it seems to be working fine at the moment. Thanks.


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