What SMB filesystem does Apple OSX use?

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I agree, Chris.

Open source projects aren't so much led by people who pound out work,
as they are led by people with an idea, and who are willing to do the
social networking that needs to take place at the center of any
development effort. Study smart mobs, and the science of natural
networking, and you'll see that important ingredient is the connectivity
of the group, not how much work each member contributes. It is the job
of the open source project leader to take a collection of chaotic,
unfocused but capable developers and turn them into an coherent group,
able to make progress on the idea at hand. Until the group has their gaze
directed at the idea, they accomplish nothing. It is the idea, and the
person who evangelizes that idea who is the critical core of any open
source development effort. Everything else naturally falls into place
after that.

I think open source is moving into a new era. It used to be that ideas
would first become part of the open source community expressed as source
code which was mostly complete. This is because there was a backlog of
existing code that served as sources of code and examples of how to
accomplish a particular solution. Now that open source examples exist of
most of the popular programs and applications, there will be a shift
toward projects that are still in the idea stage. More of the use-case
study and initial design will be done as part of the open source portion
of the project. This wasn't the case before, since the idea stage of the
development process took place on the closed source projects that produced
the code or examples that eventually became open source. Open source has
caught up to the event horizon of the present, where nothing but
observation and ideas exist. That is where the new projects must start.

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Terry Lambert wrote:
> Now if you want to argue about something I think is really silly,
> let's talk about people who declare GPL'ed projects with no
> working code, and expect developers to magically appear and write
> the code for them over night, like the elves and the shoemaker or,
> say, Mozilla for several years, or like 90% of the projects hosted
> on Source Forge.

Well, um... that's basically how I got jCIFS going.  :)

'course, we wound up with Mike Allen, who's less like an elf and more like
*Thor, god of Thunder* the way he hammers out code, but still...

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