smbc_open fails after network hiccup

Matthew J Litke mlitke at
Thu Oct 16 16:28:27 GMT 2003

> Ok, I tried the 2.2.8a code and it seemed to work the same, I
> also tried the 3.0.0 code and it reconnected and was able to
> open the file again.  Is the fix only in the 3.0.0 code?  How
> stable is 3.0.0?  We will only be using libsmbclient from the
> package.

I have been doing some testing with libsmbclient from the 3.0.0
release.  I disconnect the windows smb server from the network and
I start to see errors.  The weird part is on the second time the
client tries to open a file on the server, the following message gets
written to stderr "write failure. Error = Bad file descriptor".  It
only seems to happen the second time, not the first or any of the times
after the second open.  The client I am running closes stderr and
stdout and opens other handles, so the stderr message goes someplace
it should not.  Is there a way to turn off all error messages, or keep
the library from writing to stderr?  The debug arg on the smbc_init
call is set to 0 when it is called.

- Matt

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