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Simo idra at
Thu Oct 16 08:47:15 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 00:27, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Do we really need to start putting generated files back into CVS?

Well, we have done this before with configure for example.
I have not much problems, but cared not to break the current modus
When we will all agree it is ok to have perl as a constraint to be able
to build samba, we will revert this change.

> It always gets forgotten, and this is a move in exactly the opposite
> direction to what we have been doing.

Currently, I'm the only one that ueses this thing, and yes, I'm one that
often forget to commit files :-)

> Currently, without a reasonable toolkit you cannot build:
> - configure
> - documentation
> - proto.h
> - build_options.c

true, but I do not want to add another constraint until the team agrre
it is ok.

> and I'm quite happy to see this list increase.  Quite happy, provided we
> do exactly what we have been doing - that is, building these extra
> things on, and including them in the tarballs, including them
> in the rsync area etc.

Fine, I'll be waiting for other comments on this, if most agree we will
have perl as a constraint :-)


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