3.0 locking problem!

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Thu Oct 16 08:20:46 GMT 2003


We had following situation:
Today I upgaded our Suse 8.1 fileserver to samba 3.0.

After MS Excel crash file becomed "busy", i.e. Excel said that file is 
opened by another user and can be opened only read-only.

smbstatus didn't show that there is lock on this file.
Only way to open file was to disable locking in smb.conf.

I even deleted locking.tdb and no results, file still can be opened only 
as read-only.
luser and lsof didn't show anu locks on kernel level.

Only way was to do downgrade to 2.2.8a and all becomed OK.

Could someone tell me where samba 3.0 stores info about locks?

And we had another problem with 3.0.

smbstatus showed that file is locked, but there was no such smb process 
I tried to remove lock  with tdbtool, but..
Could somebody explain me how can I remove record from database with 
I can't find any docs about tdb.

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