smbc_open fails after network hiccup

Matt Litke mlitke at
Wed Oct 15 22:49:43 GMT 2003

>> ... if the network connection ... goes down ... smbc_open fails 
>> (but returns errno = 0) which I obviously expect to happen,
>> but once the network connection  is restored it continues to fail. 
> Please try a newer version of libsmbclient. I think I've fixed this about a 
> year ago ;)

Ok, I tried the 2.2.8a code and it seemed to work the same, I
also tried the 3.0.0 code and it reconnected and was able to
open the file again.  Is the fix only in the 3.0.0 code?  How
stable is 3.0.0?  We will only be using libsmbclient from the

- Matt

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